Allerta Tablet
Alllerta® Tablet


Allerta® Tablet

For less drowsy allergy relief

Allerta gives less drowsy, fast relief from allergies.

It contains Loratadine, an anti-allergy ingredient. Loratadine blocks the substance that causes allergic symptoms (histamine). Loratadine is less likely to make you drowsy or dizzy than the older class of anti-allergy medicines. 


Allerta® Tablet

What is the medicine used for?

These medicines are used for the relief of symptoms associated with:

  • Allergic rhinitis such a sneezing; runny, itchy nose; and itchy, watery eyes
  • Skin symptoms of allergy such as itch and rash
How much and how often should you use this medicine?

This medicine should be taken orally (by mouth) once a day. Or, as recommended by a doctor

AGE GROUP Once a Day Dose of Loratadine (Allerta®)
Adults and children over 12 years 1 tablet
Children 2 to 12 years

Body weight more than 30kg

1 tablet
Body weight 30 kg or less 1/2 tablet
Children 1 to 2 years -

For more information on safety, precaution and other information about this product, please see the Patient Information Leaflet.

Each tablet contains:
Loratadine 10 mg