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Frequently Asked Questions

There are different available SKUs of Ceelin® and its corresponding SRP. Note that actual retail price may vary per drugstore.

CEELIN® Drops 15 mL PHP 73.21
CEELIN® Drops 30 mL PHP 114.63
CEELIN® Syrup 60 mL PHP 58.34
CEELIN® Syrup 120 mL PHP 123.62
CEELIN® Syrup 250 mL PHP 220.44
CEELIN® Syrup 500 mL PHP 380.75
CEELIN® Chewables 30 Tabs PHP 133.93
CEELIN® Chewables 60 Tabs PHP 256.95


Ceelin® is available in all leading drugstores nationwide. If it is not in your neighborhood drugstore, call our Unilab Consumer Care hotline (632) 8-864522-1 or you may also email info@unilab.com.ph and we will direct you to a store.

The best variant for your child may depend on his age. Please see table below for your reference.

0-1 yo Ceelin® Drops Ceelin® Plus Drops
2-6 yo Ceelin® Syrup Ceelin® Plus Syrup
7 yo and up Ceelin® Chewables Ceelin® Plus Chewables


Ceelin® is plain Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C while Ceelin® Plus has the combination of Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C and Zinc. Both products help children to boost their immunity against sickness, but for optimal results, we recommend Ceelin® Plus, the only one made with ZincPlus® Technology which ensures the stable combination of Vitamin C and Zinc for your child’s double protection against sicknesses.

It is recommended to store the product inside the refrigerator or at room temperature not exceeding 25°C.

This can depend on your daily routine with your child, but we recommend giving the product after meals. You may choose to give it after breakfast before he starts the day.

It is generally safe to take Ceelin® alongside other supplements. However, we recommend to consult your pediatrician to get the best advice for your child.

If taken at recommended levels, there is no risk for overdose.

Yes, you may mix Ceelin® with juices or other liquids such as milk.

Ceelin® / Ceelin® Plus helps in boosting your child's immunity so that they are protected from sickness. The body needs its daily requirement of Vitamin C and Zinc, and since the body does not produce these, it is important that kids get this from their diet. However, the reality is that kids do not usually eat enough of Vitamin C and Zinc foods which is why supplementation is necessary for their continued good health.

Ceelin® Drops Orange
Ceelin® Syrup Orange
Ceelin® Chewables Orange
Ceelin® Plus Drops Apple
Ceelin® Plus Syrup Apple
Ceelin® Plus Chewables Orange