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5 Kinds of Headaches and How to Cope


5 Kinds of Headaches and How to Cope

Whether it's from a crazy night out or stressing over work deadlines, everyone has had to deal with a pounding headache at some point in their lives.

Whether it's from a crazy night out or stressing over work deadlines, everyone has had to deal with a pounding headache at some point in their lives. There are many different types of headaches that can plague you--from the hangover headache to caffeine headaches. We'll help you find out what's behind your pain and how to get sweet relief.


Stress or Tension Headache
Do you ever get the feeling like you have a tight band around your forehead and the back of your neck? That is likely a tension or stress headache, which is characterized by muscle tightness around your face, neck, and shoulders. Tension headaches can be triggered by emotional stress, holding your head in one position for a long time, eye strain or dental issues like teeth grinding and jaw clenching. The best way to cope with this is to catch it early while your symptoms are mild. Eliminate or stop doing whatever is triggering the pain, and then take medication like paracetamol to help ease the pain before it gets worse.


Caffeine-withdrawal Headache
That hot, new third-wave coffee shop may be your favorite hangout these days, but watch how many cups you down while you're there. Caffeine, also found in tea and sodas, can be a both blessing and a curse. While it sometimes helps ease some kinds of headaches, it can also trigger them. Because caffeine is physically addictive, those who regularly drink around two cups of coffee each day may experience headaches when they don’t get their fix in time. Also, simply drinking too much coffee (around four cups a day or more) can trigger head pain. If you suffer due to either of these reasons, try to slowly cut back on your coffee habit by one fewer cup per day until you no longer experience headaches. Once a headache has been triggered, then paracetamol can be an effective treatment, especially since caffeine is known to boost the effectiveness of over-the-counter painkillers.

Hangover Headache
Waking up on the floor of your bedroom with ridiculous memories of the previous night out wouldn't be so bad if it didn't feel like someone was holding a jackhammer to your head. Hangover headaches are caused by a combination of dehydration, and toxic substances flowing through your system. You can prevent a hangover by eating before you go drinking, and by consuming a lot of water throughout the evening. And if you have too much of a good time to remember to do these things, then paracetamol can help ease the pain after that wild night.

Hunger Headache
Workload too heavy you forgot to grab a bite? Been playing for too long, glued to your screen, that you missed a meal? Hunger headaches tend to strike just before mealtime, caused by muscle tension and low blood sugar. Apart from eating a nourishing meal with protein and carbohydrates, you can also take a paracetamol even with an empty stomach to help relieve yourself from hunger headache

Sinus Headache
This common headache usually happens with an upper-respiratory infection like a cold or the flu, or with seasonal allergies. When your sinuses are inflamed, they can block fluid from draining normally and pressure builds up; resulting in dull pain around your eyes, cheeks and forehead. These areas of your face may also hurt when you touch them. Thankfully, this headache responds well to medicine. A painkiller like paracetamol will relieve most sinus headaches.

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