What to Put in Your Child's Health Kit

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What to Put in Your Child's Health Kit

Prepare a handy health kit for your kid so they are always prepared.

We all want to provide a safe environment for our children, but accidents and illnesses are not unusual, even with careful supervision.

Even if we are somehow able to keep an eye on the little ones all day, they frequently sustain scrapes, cuts, and falls at any given time. Apart from these injuries, they may also be subject to illnesses like fever, colds, and the flu. That’s why being prepared to handle any emergency is just as important as creating a safe, healthy environment.

A fully stocked health kit for your child must be available at all times. Having these supplies ahead of time can help you handle most emergencies at a moment’s notice.

You can purchase a basic first aid kit in drug stores, but it’s also good if you make one of your own. Get a plastic tacklebox or container, which are lightweight and offer a lot of space.

Include the following in your child’s health kit:  

Supplies       Medicine
First aid manual          Nutrilin
Sterile gauze pads in different sizes          Ceelin
Adhesive tape          Children’s Bioflu
Bandages in different sizes          Disudrin
Elastic bandage          Pambatang Solmux
A splint           
Antiseptic wipes           
Antibiotic ointment           
Antiseptic solution           
Sharp scissors           
Safety pins           
List of emergency numbers           



  • Store your child’s health kit in places that are out of their reach but easily within yours.
  • Check your kit regularly and replace used items or medicines that may have expired.
  • Bring your child’s health kit along with you when you travel.

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