How to Properly Store Your Medicines at Home

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How to Properly Store Your Medicines at Home

We enumerate some of the simple do’s and don’ts of storing medications.

Stocking up on medicines is a great idea for families who want to be prepared in case of emergencies. Unfortunately, most people are not aware that certain medications need extra care even if they are stored inside a medicine kit. In this article, we enumerate some of the simple do’s and don’ts of storing medications.


  • Store your medicine in a cool, dry place.
  • Always keep your medicines inside their original container/packaging.
  • Reseal your medicine bottles after use to avoid damaging the contents.
  • Take your expired medicines to your nearest drugstore for proper disposal.
  • Remove cotton balls stored inside medication bottles to prevent moisture buildup.
  • Utilize a sturdy medicine box to securely store your medicines.
  • Make sure that your refrigerator is at the right temperature if you have medications stored inside.


  • Medicines should not be exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • Don’t ingest expired medicines.
  • Never use pills that show signs of discoloration and disintegration even if it is not yet expired.
  • Avoid flushing your medications down the toilet.
  • Do not leave medications unattended, most especially if you have pets and children.
  • Do not tamper or eat silica packs inside your medicine bottles.

When in doubt, do not consume any medication that looks like it has been exposed to natural elements like moisture and extreme temperatures. Always strive to store and dispose any kind of medicine using the prescribed manner that is indicated on its product information leaflet.

General disclaimer Always consult your doctor before taking any medicine. Your doctor will be in the best position to give the appropriate medical advice. For suspected undesirable drug reaction, seek medical attention immediately and report to the FDA at and UNILAB, Inc. at 8-UNILAB-1 or Always buy from your trusted drugstores and retailers.

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