Each 0.5 mL single dose contains:
Typhoid Vaccine (Vi-capsular Polysaccharide of Salmonella typhi Ty2) 25 mcg
Phenol 0.25% w/v
Isotonic buffer solution q.s. to 0.5 mL

Typhoid Vaccinne (Purified Vi-capsular Polysaccharide)


Prescription Drug


For the active immunization against typhoid fever

Typhoid vaccination is recommended in the following:

  • Persons at risk of intimate exposure (e.g., continued household contact) to a known typhoid carrier or patient
  • Food handlers such as dietary personnel, cooks, waiters, servers, dieticians, nutritionists
  • Microbiology laboratory workers with frequent contact with cultures of S. typhi
  • School-age children and young adults in areas where typhoid fever in these age groups is a significant public health problem, and particularly where antibiotic-resistant S. typhi strains are prevalent
  • Travelers to areas where typhoid fever is endemic
  • Healthcare personnel
  • Police, Armed forces and such other regimented personnel
  • There is no evidence to support the use of typhoid vaccine to control common source outbreaks, disease following natural disaster or in persons attending rural summer camps.
  • Typhoid vaccine should not be used to treat a patient with typhoid fever or a chronic typhoid carrier.

Dosage and Administration

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