Each mL syrup (oral drops) contains:
Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate
(equivalent to 10 mg elemental Zinc)
27.5 mg
Each 5 mL (1 teaspoonful) syrup contains:
Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate
(equivalent to 20 mg elemental Zinc)
55 mg

Zinc Sulfate


Zinc supplement for diarrhea management

This nutritional supplement is used for the following conditions:
  • As an adjunct in the management of acute diarrhea
  • To help boost immune function
  • To help support optimum physical growth and development
What is in the product?

This nutritional supplement contains zinc. Zinc helps the body’s natural defense against damaging free radicals (antioxidant effect) and helps boost immune function. Free radicals are highly reactive and unstable chemicals generated during normal body activities that require oxygen (e.g. respiration, digestion, blood circulation, immune system response, etc). and after exposure to UV light, cigarette smoke and various pollutants. One major effect of zinc is on the ability of cells to properly replicate the DNA, which is required for cells to multiply. Hence, zinc is needed for normal growth.

How much and how often should you use this product?
Orally, once daily during an acute diarrhea episode. Take for 10-14 days even when diarrhea has already stopped.




Therapeutic Dose: As an adjunct in the management of acute diarrhea together with reduced osmolarity ORS
Age Group
Under 6 months old 1 mL 2.5 mL or 1/2 teaspoonful
6 months and older 2 mL 5 mL or 1 teaspoonful
Or, as directed by a doctor    




For more information on safety, precaution and other information about this product, please see the Product Information Leaflet.