Simple Exercises for Your Child

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Simple Exercises for Your Child

Physical exercises can help keep children maintain healthy minds and bodies active during this pandemic.

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The current pandemic has left children spending more time indoors and this can cause a significant change to their daily routine. One of the biggest challenges of staying quarantined at home is the lack of physical movement which may lead to health problems like child obesity and depression. Parents can take this unique opportunity to bond with their children by encouraging physical exercises that can help keep their minds and bodies active. Here are a few tips that can help you and your child stay fit and healthy at home.


Start with basics

Exercises do not have to be complicated to be effective. You can start your kids on light and simple exercises such as stretching and other physical movements like jumping jacks or running in place which they can safely do inside even with limited space. If you have older children, you can also try to do some kid-friendly yoga exercises together—just make sure that you at least have a thick yoga mat to help prevent any form of injury. If you have ample space in your backyard, then you can take the fun outside so you can also get some vitamin D and a breath of fresh air.


Host a dance party

Dancing is a great way to keep your kids busy and can easily help you break a sweat. Zumba classes are readily available on GoNoodle for you and your family to enjoy. Intermittent internet issues? Just play your child’s favorite song and get moving. The great thing about dancing is that you won’t need any kind of special equipment. You can just slip on comfortable clothes and footwear and you’re ready to bust a move!


Utilize your electronics

Access to the internet using home electronics can help you look for free exercise classes online. There are also some gaming consoles which offer a wide variety of physical activities that cater to kids of all ages, including those who are kids at heart. Screen time is not always a bad thing since there are millions of free exercise classes and tutorials online that can keep you and your family entertained and fit. Just keep everything in moderation and follow a strict schedule to avoid getting eye strain or possible injury.


Having little to no physical activity may result to health complications, even for children. Care for their health by encouraging simple exercises they can do on a regular basis. To make it fun, try activities that the whole family can do together.


You can also provide additional support to your child’s physical well-being by cooking nutritious meals every day. Picky eaters and children who are less active than their peers may need additional nutritional support in the form of supplements. Learn more about our vitamins for kids here.


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