5 Mistakes You May Be Making with Your Pain Medicine

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5 Mistakes You May Be Making with Your Pain Medicine

Drinking alcohol is a big no-no while you're on pain meds.

Got a headache? Do you feel pain in your joints? Good thing there’s pain medicine to help you with different types of pain. But before you take pain medicine, there are some things you may want to consider first.

Body pain can affect your productivity and quality of life. Fortunately, managing pain is easier when you take steps to treat it. One way to treat pain is to take pain medication. But while it seems so straightforward, how you go about taking your medication can affect the outcome of your treatment.

Here are the mistakes you have to avoid when trying to beat pain:  

  1. Ignoring natural methods.

    Sometimes non-drug pain-relieving methods are just as important as drug treatment. When it strikes, it’s okay to rely on rest, meditation, massage, hot and cold treatments, and other natural methods to relieve pain.  

  2. Not visiting your doctor.

    Even with pain medication on hand, your doctor still plays an important role in your health. The most important reason to pay your doctor a visit is to confirm if your pain is not related to a more serious medical condition, or if it needs emergency treatment. Your doctor can also advise you on a treatment plan, especially if your pain persists.  

  3. Doubling your dose.

    Increasing the prescribed dosage will not speed relief, but it can easily speed up the onset of harmful effects. Give your medication time to work. If pain persists, talk to your doctor.  

  4. Drinking while taking pain medication.

    Pain medications and alcohol are a big no-no because they generally enhance each other’s effects. Alcohol can make you inebriated, and some pain meds can have that effect as well.  

  5. Not considering interactions with other drugs.

    Before taking any pain medication, think about what other medicines or supplements you are taking. Some of these may interact with the pain meds or increase risk of side effects. If you’re buying over-the-counter medications, show a list of what you are taking to the pharmacist. You need to also read the product information leaflet of the medicine you’re taking.

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