How to Overcome Mood Swings During PMS

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How to Overcome Mood Swings During PMS

Many women experience sudden mood swings due to changes in their hormones.

85% of women around the world experience premenstrual syndrome or PMS. And even though it’s a once-a-month natural condition, you will never get used to its symptoms. These include bloating, cramps, unexplained cravings, migraines, tender breasts, fatigue, depression and mood swings.

But having PMS shouldn’t ruin a good day for you. Take control! Check out these suggestions on how to conquer the pains and the emotional rollercoaster that come with PMS.

Observe and Write Down the Symptoms of Your PMS

PMS is different for each woman. While for others, it’s just cramps and fatigue, others may have the complete set of symptoms. So, before you try out the succeeding options, understand your PMS first. When does it start for you? What discomforts do you feel and in what order?

Do Light Exercises

When your period sets in, don’t skip jogging or doing your usual workout routine. 30 minutes of workout every day should ease fatigue by loosening the muscles, lessen cramps and release your body’s happy hormones!

Crave for Healthier Bites

Sweets, salty and oily food are the usual cravings when you have your period. But know that these can make you bloat more, spike blood sugar and add to your irritated mood or depression. Caffeine and alcohol will also only worsen the monthly emotional rollercoaster.

To overcome period blues with food, chew on fruits, greens, and whole grain options a week before your expected first day. Did you know that complex carbs in whole grains contribute to a chemical chain reaction that boosts your mood?

Take Multivitamins

In recent years, calcium and omega 3s among other fatty acids have been found to ease the symptoms of PMS. Boosting your intake of these nutrients via supplements or multivitamins should greatly help.

Control the Discomfort

It’s no secret that PMS comes with dysmenorrhoea, and an aching lower back, among other body pains. When the pain becomes too much to handle, end it by taking effective and fast-acting pain relievers such as Dolfenal.

Relax and Get a Good Shut Eye

When on your period, take it easy. Clear your mind of the stressful things, as these will only add to your negative mood. Instead, meditate and cling on the good parts of the day. You can go out and meet friends or just stay in and read a good book!

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