Why Kids Need Exercise

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Why Kids Need Exercise

Start them young and instill discipline through regular exercise.

We often hear people say that it is good for children to go out and play. Now, more often than ever, experts are emphasizing this fact. In light of this new generation where kids are seemingly glued to their electronic devices and are less likely to play outside, here are some of the reasons why kids need to move their bodies and exercise.

Reasons why kids need exercise

Early Prevention

Children who start exercising from an early age are less likely to develop chronic diseases as they grow older. Constant movement and physical activity let children expend their energy and burn calories that they get from what they eat. Instilling the value of exercise from an early age promotes positive body fat distribution and decreases the chances of developing obesity, which can develop into more serious conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases.

Mental Fortitude

Having interests outside of schoolwork expands the world your child knows outside the four walls of the classroom and your home. Sports and other physical activities positively affect children’s academic performance and also help them develop important interpersonal skills like communication, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Exercising stimulates the pituitary gland, which produces a group of hormones called endorphins that can adjust your brain chemistry and improve your frame of mind. Endorphins leave you with a sense of euphoria, which is why it is recommended for people suffering from depression and anxiety to pencil in workout hours to help in improving the state of their mental health.

Fast Development

Regular exercise and physical activity help children’s bones, muscles, and joints to develop healthy and strong. Exercise improves a person’s blood flow, making it easier for oxygen and other nutrients to be transported throughout the body. As the period of bone growth and development starts from an early age, and lasts until the mid-20s, starting to exercise early would benefit children by building bones that are less prone to breakage and osteoporosis.


Regular exercise and physical activities benefit your children in more ways than one, so let them widen their horizons and let them play. Make sure that your children’s immune systems are equipped with the proper protection it needs, like the vitamin C protection provided by Ceelin. As Ceelin increases the body’s resistance to infections and hastens recovery from illnesses and wounds that children may get from playing outside, it is the perfect children’s companion for playtimes with boundless energy and enthusiasm.  

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