7 Steps to a More Energized Morning


7 Steps to a More Energized Morning

Jumpstart your day with these easy suggestions.

Greet the world with a ‘Good Morning!’ and the world will greet you back with the same positivity, energy and enthusiasm. Not a problem for the morning person. All you need is a cup of coffee, a nice, hot breakfast and smiles with greetings from your dear ones, and you’re good to go.

But what if you’re not a morning person? What if you’re the type who gets up and moves around, dragging yourself in zombie-like fashion? Take a moment to review your daily routine and prepare to make a few adjustments here and there. Here are suggestions and steps that you can take to jumpstart your day with an energized and power-packed morning.

1. Say No to the Snooze

‘5 more minutes’ is a popular phrase you yourself may be familiar with. The snooze is a lie that invites you back into a state you shouldn’t be in after the first ring. Do not give in to temptation and listen to your clock’s screaming alarm—which you set, by the way. Ease into the habit and by setting your alarm earlier, and condition yourself to get up at the first alarm.

2. Jump Out of Bed

Not literally. But if you find yourself stuck under the sheets of bed, you might want to try pushing yourself out. Don’t even think of browsing the internet on your smartphone while in bed. Remember that the longer you stay in bed, the harder it is to get up. Throw the covers off and shake the sleep off of your body by getting up.

3. Get Your Caffeine Kick

If getting out of bed and standing up does only a little to awaken you, a sweet, cheerful cup of joe should help. Wash off that morning grogginess! You may also want to take a shower. For some, a cold shower right after getting out of bed works wonders.

4. Have Breakfast

Skipping breakfast makes you lousy. Your attention, alertness and sense of coordination are at a low because, essentially, you are prolonging an overnight fast. Just as with a car, you need fuel to function properly. You need proper nutrition. Besides, wouldn’t a lovely plate of savory bacon and bright sunny side eggs, served with garlic fried rice pair well with your hot cup of caffeine, don’t you think?

5. Carbs after Dark May be Good for You

Contrary to the diet myth, carbs past 6PM may be good for you, especially if you are physically active. Eating carbs—the healthy variety found in those such as whole-grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat milk, nuts and seeds or protein before bed guaranteed extra calories burned the next morning.

6. Do a Little Stretching

Further heat up and condition your body for the day with a short sweat routine. Not only are you engaging in an activity that shapes your frame, you’re also working on a positive and happy mindset with the release of endorphins.

7. Motivate Yourself

Find reason to get up and get your day started! It may be an event, a person you’re dying to spend time with, or a place you’ve been wanting to drop by. Whatever it is, there’s always at least one thing to look forward to every day.

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