5 Productivity Tips to Keep You Going at Work


5 Productivity Tips to Keep You Going at Work

Working 90 minutes at a time conditions your brain to work at its maximum potential.

How do you deal with the bouts of sluggishness that we all get while working? Here are some ways in which you can beat the urge to procrastinate and boost your productivity levels.

Productivity Tips

  • One Step at a Time: in the rush of things, people often do not notice that they are overloading themselves with more tasks than they can handle. Observe how much time you usually dedicate to similar tasks, and give yourself a set amount of time to work on them. Multitasking actually decreases your concentration, so giving yourself a schedule and a deadline makes you focus more on the one task at hand than splitting your attention span into multiple tasks.
  • Ninety Minutes: Studies have found that your brain works best when it works at 90-minute intervals. The self-imposed deadline, if constantly implemented, conditions your brain into working at its maximum potential for a set amount of time.Taking regularly scheduled breaks (about ten minutes every hour and a half, or five minutes every half an hour) helps refresh your mind, enabling you to maintain a constant level of performance.
  • Distractions: Social media notifications can seem inconsequential, but if you find the constant need to check them every other minute, they may affect your workflow. Turning off your notifications or blocking social media sites on your browsers and phones can help lessen the urge to procrastinate. Sometimes, though well-intentioned, chatty workmates can also be a source of distraction.
  • More Work, Fewer Meetings: A lot of people get roped into meetings to talk about topics or issues that can be resolved with a quick, private discussion, whether personally or by phone or email. Try to see if your presence is absolutely needed in these meetings, and learn how to decline from attending these discussions and prioritizing your workload. Overpacking your schedule is not going to make your work faster or easier.
  • A Few of My Favorite Things: Surrounding your work area with art or other trinkets that you enjoy looking at is known to boost your productivity, as your brain recognizes these aesthetically pleasing things and prompts your brain to help start the process of calming down. An organized desk can also help you work more efficiently, as clutter can inadvertently contribute to your stress levels.

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