5 Natural Energy Boosters


5 Natural Energy Boosters

Get your spark lit back with these 5 natural energy-boosting tips.

Picture this: You sit in your cold, quiet office. You feel lightheaded and about to doze off in your chair. The words and documents on your laptop make no sense anymore. You find yourself fighting hard to keep your eyelids up. Trying to grab hold of yourself, you check your watch and it tells you that it’s just around noon. This scenario may be familiar to you, and the good news is... you’re not alone!

Everybody has, surely, had their downtimes at work or anyplace. However, feeling sluggish, sleepy and needing to drag yourself until the day ends suggest that your lifestyle needs to be checked and improved. Are you eating right? Do you get enough sleep? Get to the source of this weariness and act on it! Meanwhile, how do you combat fatigue while you’re in the middle of something? Your default would probably be a bottle or can of an energy drink. But wouldn’t it be better—wouldn’t it refresh you more—to eat or drink healthier and more natural options? Get your spark lit back with these 5 natural energy boosting suggestions.

1. Kiwi

Try adding 2 intakes of Kiwi in your daily nutrition! Fiber-packed with twice the amount of Potassium in bananas and twice the amount of in oranges, you can rely on Kiwis to keep your appetite happy and your energy bar full.  

2. Oat Straw Extracts

Studies and researchers say that oat straw extract ensures that brain function is kept at its optimum by seeing to it that arteries are expanded enough to allow for proper blood flow. Oat straw extracts in your coffee or juice should help you see your overtime (and overnight) task through!  

3. Lemon with Water

Midday lethargy and feeling sluggish can result from dehydration. Make sure to drink once in a while. You may want to try a cup of warm lemon water. The lemon should add flavor and vitamins to your regular H2O.  

4. Green Tea

Looking for the right combo of caffeine, flavor and nutrients? Take a morning sip, and keep your body hydrated for the day with the ever-reliable green tea.  

5. Cacao or Cocoa

The cacao bean carries a bounty of nutrients and vitamins. Though strongly associated with weight gain, cacao delivers multiple benefits such as diabetes prevention and a healthier heart in a low-level caffeine kick. Just make sure to use pure cocoa or dark chocolate.  

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