3 Essential Prenatal Vitamins for a Healthy Pregnancy

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3 Essential Prenatal Vitamins for a Healthy Pregnancy

Taking prenatal vitamins reduces lifelong disease risk in children. Read more on the essential vitamins that you need for a healthy pregnancy.

A healthy mommy is likely to have a healthy baby, provided that they get the right nutrients during their pregnancy. Read up on these three basic vitamins and minerals that every expectant mom needs for a healthy pregnancy.  

Pregnancy can be a scary thought for some first time mothers most especially if they are not prepared. Always remember that your diet and current health condition can greatly affect your child’s future. Additional studies show that taking prenatal vitamins doesn’t just reduce the risk of lifelong diseases in children, but can also lower the chances of developing autism. Read more on the essential vitamins that you need for a healthy pregnancy.



This important mineral enriches your blood production and enhances the blood distribution to your organs. Pregnancy requires you to produce as much iron as you can to supply ample blood and oxygen for you and your baby. Females (most especially pregnant women) are more at risk of iron deficiency, so watch out for symptoms like unusual nausea and lightheadedness. Iron is best derived from red meat, fish, poultry, and some vegetables like potatoes.


Folic acid

Folic acid is essential for both the mother and child since it helps prevent possible birth complications like neural tube defects (NTDs). Studies show that supplementation through taking vitamins is one of the most effective ways to meet the required folate levels needed during pregnancy. Food such as leafy greens, beans, bread, and citrus fruits can help add to your daily folate intake.



Did you know that women are more likely to develop brittle bones as they age? Calcium helps develop strong bones and teeth for you and your baby while also fortifying your breast milk. This important mineral can be found in dairy products, oranges, and collard greens.

Ask your obstetrician today about taking prenatal vitamins. Click here to learn more about our vitamins not just for soon-to-be moms but also for adults of all ages.


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