10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking

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10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking

Tobacco is the only product that kills half of its users.

Tobacco is the only product that kills half of its users—and millions of people around the world are suffering from chronic diseases directly or indirectly caused by tobacco smoke. In the Philippines, 15,715,000 adults aged 15 years old and up are smokers while an alarming 94,000 children (10-14 years old) have already developed the habit. 117,000 Filipinos are killed annually by smoking cigarettes, costing the country millions in healthcare expenses and productivity losses. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of the world’s 1.1 billion smokers live in low to middle-income countries and it remains to be one of the biggest global public health threats.

Aside from health reasons, cigarette smoking can significantly affect your daily routine and overall lifestyle. Smoking not only harms your health but those who are around you as well. An estimated 890,000 people die worldwide due to exposure to secondhand smoke.

There are countless reasons to kick the habit and here are some important reasons why:

  1. You can prolong your life
    • A single cigarette stick is said to cut at least 11 minutes off your life span. Your body starts to heal the damage done by cigarette smoking as early as 20 minutes after your last stick.
  1. You can avoid getting chronic diseases
    • Cigarette smoking can lead to numerous pulmonary disorders, aneurysm, and endless kinds of cancers. Smokers are also two to three times more likely to develop coronary heart disease compared to non-smokers.
  1. You can avoid premature aging
    • Smoking is said to cause wrinkles since it narrows your blood vessels and damages the important components of your skin.
  1. You can improve your senses
    • The chemicals found in cigarettes may affect the way you taste and smell things. It may also affect your vision over time.
  1. You’ll get more quality sleep
    • Smokers have increased chances of developing sleep apnea and are deprived of long hours of deep sleep.
  1. You can help those around you
    • Secondhand smoke can also make nonsmokers sick—not to mention that smoking may also negatively affect your children’s perception of you.
  1. You can save a lot of money
    • An average pack of 20 cigarettes in the Philippines costs around P80. If you smoke at least 10 sticks a day, you are spending as much as P1,200 pesos per month. That’s almost P14,600 in savings annually if you quit today!
  1. You can be more sociable
    • Smoking causes many dental problems like halitosis and gum disease. The unpleasant scent can also stick to your hair, clothes, and hands which may be a major concern during social opportunities.
  1. You can contribute to the environment
    • Cigarette butts are one of the most common discarded wastes in the world, not to mention secondhand smoke can put those around you at risk of getting sick.
  1. You can be more productive
    • Smoking cigarettes may affect productivity at school and at work as some studies suggest that smokers have increased chances of absenteeism in the workplace.

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