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Medicol Advance 400


Medicol® Advance 400

Relieves different pains in as fast as 5 minutes

For different types of pain like headache, migraine, toothache, dysmenorrhea, body pain or arthritis, get fast relief with Medicol®. It starts working in 5 minutes, relief in 15 minutes. 


Medicol® Advance 400

What is the medicine used for?
  • For the relief of headache including migraine, neuralgia (painful disorder of the nerves)
  • For the relief of muscular aches including sprains and strains, backache including low back pain, minor aches and pains associated with the common cold, menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea), dental pain and pain after surgery
  • For the relief of inflammation from arthritis and non-serious arthritic conditions
  • Also for fever reduction
What is in the medicine?

This product contains Ibuprofen which belongs to a group of medicines called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Like other NSAIDs, Ibuprofen works by changing the body’s chemical response to pain, swelling and fever resulting in relief of symptoms of inflammation (e.g., swelling, redness) and relief of pain and/or fever.

Ibuprofen given as a softgel capsule is absorbed more rapidly by the body compared to an ordinary tablet.

How much and how often should you use this medicine?

Like other NSAIDs, the lowest effective dose of ibuprofen should be used for the shortest possible time. This medicine is given orally and may be taken with food or milk if stomach upset occurs.

Adults and children 12 years old and above: One softgel capsule up to 3 times a day, as needed. Leave at least 4 hours between each dose. Alternatively, you may take one softgel capsule every 8 hours, as needed.

Or, as prescribed by a doctor.

* Do not take more than 3 softgel capsules (1,200 mg) in each 24-hour period.

* Do not take this medicine continuously for more than 10 days unless directed by a doctor.

For more information on safety, precaution and other information about this product, please see the Patient Information Leaflet.

Each softgel capsule contains:
Ibuprofen 400 mg