Pambatang Solmux
Frequently Asked Questions

Solmux® is a medicine for children 1-12 years old, experiencing cough with phlegm. Solmux® contains Carbocisteine, an active ingredient that makes phlegm less thick and sticky and thus easier to expel.

Solmux is available in all leading drugstores and pharmacies nationwide.

  • Solmux® 40 mg Orald Drops: PHP 100.00 SRP
  • Solmux® 100 mg Syrup 60 mL: PHP 101.00 SRP
  • Solmux® 200 mg 60 mL: PHP 107.00 SRP
  • Solmux® 200 mg 120mL: P162.00 SRP

Note: Actual price may vary per drugstore.

Solmux® can be taken anytime for treatment of cough with phlegm of children. You should follow the recommended dosage and hours, or as recommended by a doctor according to age: 

Solmux® 40mg Oral Drops

  • 1-2yo:  1 ½ml drops every 6 hours


Solmux® 200mg Syrup

  • 2-3yo: ½ teaspoonful every 8 hours
  • 4-7yo: 1 teaspoonful every 8 hours
  • 8-12yo: 1½ teaspoonful every 8 hours


It is best to consult your doctor before taking Solmux® together with other medicines and/or vitamins

Cough is usually caused by virus or bacteria. Solmux® has Bacteria and Virus Expel Action which melts and softens phlegm making it easier to expel together with the virus and bacteria.

Solmux® may be bought without a prescription. 
However, it is best to consult your doctor before giving any medication to your child.

There are no reported cases of severe side effects especially if taken based on doctors’ recommendation. Always consult your doctor if you have any allergies to any ingredient of the product. Do not use if beyond the expiration date.