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Vitamin C Benefits That Help Prevent Colds

Vitamin B Complex and C

Vitamin C Benefits That Help Prevent Colds

Colds may be common, but they can keep you from doing what you have to do.

Common Facts about the Common Cold

Common colds are caused by a viral infection. Children are more prone to catching it because of their weaker immune systems, while healthy adults get two to three colds a year. Prevention is always better than cure, so prep your immune system with these healthy, everyday habits:

Combating Common Colds

Preventing common colds needs no big effort. Simply practicing these healthy, everyday habits can save you from the illness:

Wash Your Hands Regularly

From common household objects to another or a loved one, the most common mode of transportation for germs is through your hands. Dirty, unwashed hands are also one of the most common ways for viral illnesses such as colds and flu to spread.

That’s why frequently washing your hands comes in handy. Thorough washing with warm water and soap kills harmful germs and bacteria.

Tip: On the go? Always keep a hand sanitizer in your bag.

Rest and Relax

When you relax, the body and its internal processes get a chance to slow down, do necessary repairs and some recharging. This includes the immune system. So, as much as possible, complete your nightly rounds of zzz’s. If it’s the middle of the day and you feel like you need a nap, go have one. Did you know that a 15-minute power nap comes with energizing and brain-boosting effects?

Work out Regularly

Incorporate short workouts into your schedule. Regularly engaging in physical activities strengthens muscles, endurance and improves the immune defense mechanism against viral infections.

Drink more H2O

Another easy thing you can do to ward off colds is to drink plenty of good ol’ water. Studies support that water energizes and supports multiple bodily functions and processes.

Eat what you need

Aside from drinking lots of water and working out regularly, the basic set of everyday healthy habits wouldn’t be complete without eating healthy and meeting your daily nutritional quota. Trade salty and artificially sweet junk food with fruits, veggies, and other natural sources for the daily vitamins that your body needs to perform at its best.

Importance of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for the body’s daily functions, especially for keeping the body’s immune system in tip-top shape. Since the body cannot produce Vitamin C on its own, it is important to find ways to introduce it to your system. Whether through healthy servings of rich fruits and vegetables, or taking the easy route through food supplements, get that Vitamin C!

Get your daily dose of vitamin C with Enervon! Enervon is a multivitamin supplement containing Vitamin C, helping boost immunity through the season of common colds.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor
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