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Frequently Asked Questions

Enervon® Syrup is a multivitamin formulated to provide children 1-12 years old Vitamins A, B, C and D that help boost energy and immunity during periods of increased physical activities, rapid growth, and development.

Enervon® Syrup provides children:

  • Vitamin A which helps in body's natural defense against free radicals
  • B Complex which aids in metabolism and boosts energy production
  • Vitamin C which strengthen the body's immune function
  • Vitamin D which helps maintain important body functions including facilitating normal immune system function.

Your child may take Enervon® Syrup before or after meals or as prescribed by your pediatrician.

Here are the available sizes and suggested retail price of Enervon® Syrup:

60mL - Php 70.00

120mL - Php 137.00

250 mL - Php 247.00

500mL - Php 375.00

Note: Prices may vary.