Survival Tips for College Students Like You During Hell Week

Burning the midnight oil for exams and school projects happens in every college student’s life. Almost everyone has gone through sleepless nights, juggling major requirements from multiple subjects, all demanding the same strict deadline.

Hell week is a stressful time for any student, but you can lessen that stress by making sure that you’re prepared. Cramming might seem like a good idea, but it is best to approach hell week fully prepared!

A College Student’s Guide to Surviving Hell Week

Sustain your energy this hell week with these helpful tips:

  • The Matter with Time: Starting early allows you to take your time in reviewing difficult subjects. Split big projects into smaller tasks that you can work on daily. This way, a major requirement can be more manageable and less overwhelming. Minimize the chances of cramming and procrastination! Discipline often plays hide and seek with college students going through hell week, so disconnect from social media distractions if needed.
  • Pause for Play: It’s important to get the job done, sure. But studying nonstop for the whole day would make you hate all your study materials sooner or later. Give yourself quick breaks to help your eyes (and your brain) rest from all the information you’ve been processing. During your short study breaks, you can stand up and take a quick walk around or stretch your muscles for better blood circulation. This helps bring constant oxygen supply to the brain, helping your body function better.

  • Put Your Best (Study) Foot Forward: Some people prefer studying alone, while some people prefer study groups that discuss the subject material at hand. Some other people prefer flashcards or listening to audio recordings of lectures to review the material. Find out what best works for you and apply it the next time you study.
  • Load Up on Liquids: And no, this doesn’t mean caffeine or sugar-loaded energy drinks. Coffee and energy drinks help keep you alert, but the crash when it leaves your bloodstream can make you feel more tired and sleepy. Keep a constantly refilled water bottle nearby during your study sessions! If you’re looking for flavor, fruit smoothies are a great option as well! You can use honey as a healthy sweetener, or just remember to go easy on the sugar.
  • Power Up with Power Vitamins: Keep your mind and body in check by maintaining a healthy diet! Food items that are high in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber are great study snack options.

The amount of time and effort required from you as hell week approaches can leave you feeling drained and unmotivated. But with these tips in mind, you can help prepare yourself for the dreaded hell week!

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