Mind the Mind: 4 Causes of Mental Fatigue to Look Out For

Drained from dealing with daily work and life tasks? This is the kind of tiredness that does not go away with a good night’s rest. You may be experiencing mental fatigue. Read on to find out what it’s all about, how to recognize the signs, and the possible causes of this constant state of tiredness.

What is Mental Fatigue?

Mental fatigue can limit your physical and mental faculties, hindering you from performing to your full potential at work or school. It is important to note that mental fatigue is not a disease but a symptom that, if left unattended, can lead to other serious health conditions such as gastrointestinal disorders and heart disease.

Signs of Mental Fatigue

Mental fatigue can manifest in several ways. Pay close attention to your daily routine, because some of the items on this list may already be happening to you:

  • Slower reflexes and responses
  • Constant drowsiness
  • Poor concentration
  • Lack of motivation
  • Exhaustion after minimal physical activity

Causes of Mental Fatigue

These factors can cause mental fatigue:

  • Stressful Environments: A stressful work or home environment can gradually wear you down. When one or more of the body’s senses is constantly overstimulated by outside stressors, it can also negatively affect the body. A stressful environment can be due to different factors, such as urbanization, noise pollution, traffic, and technology.
  • Constant Overwork: Working or staying awake for long hours without constant breaks can have a negative impact on your senses, making it more difficult to perform even the simplest tasks.
  • Lack of Sleep: The body uses the time you sleep for reenergizing and repairing cells. Sleep also helps clear brain waste, as well as strengthening learning and memory. Lack of sleep reduces the brain’s cognitive ability and may also affect your decision-making process.
  • Intense Physical Activity: Intense physical activity, whether it may be for exercise or for work, can cause exhaustion. But did you know that little to no physical activity can make you tired too? Being a couch potato or lying around the whole day can surprisingly make you feel the effects of mental fatigue. Knowing the body’s limits can help lessen the chances of tiring yourself out with constant exercise and ample rest.
  • Other Ailments: Mental fatigue can also be caused by several illnesses that affect the mind and the body. Weakened immune systems can affect the mental state, as well as treatments to certain conditions like cancer and massive blood loss. Mental health conditions can also affect the chemicals in the brain and may be the cause of the exhaustion that you are feeling.

Mental fatigue can be caused by several factors, and it can greatly affect the way a person lives every day. Fortunately, this can be addressed by changing unhealthy habits.

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If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.


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