Help Treat Mental Fatigue in 6 Simple Ways

Mental fatigue treatments are more than a good night’s sleep. Mental fatigue is a kind of tiredness that a simple good night’s sleep cannot immediately fix. Millennials are continuously working and admitting to feeling drained by the pressures both from themselves and from society. It is important that everyone seeks proper treatment, but in what ways can you help improve your own lifestyle? Read on to learn some helpful tips!

Ways to Help Treat Mental Fatigue

Mental fatigue treatments differ for every individual, but here are some lifestyle changes that you can apply to help the process along:

  • Identify the stressors: One of the most common causes of mental fatigue is stress. Identifying stress sources can help in dealing with stress easier. If you are feeling drained and overwhelmed from work, it would be best to take a step back to assess the help you need with your tasks or work deadlines.

  • Take frequent breaks: Working for too long without breaks can take a toll on the mind and the body. While one full night’s sleep would not immediately treat mental fatigue, giving yourself frequent opportunities to rest and relax during the workday can help in addressing it.
  • Cut back on caffeine: A lot of people get their much-needed energy boosts from coffee. Too much caffeine, however, can have a negative impact on one’s focus. When the caffeine wears off, the person is going to be left with a build-up of adenosine that signals the brain to make you feel drowsy. To avoid constant caffeine crashes, consider drinking moderate amounts of coffee, rather than drinking a large amount in one go. The recommended caffeine amount is no more than 400mg per day, which is about 2 to 4 cups of coffee.

  • Exercise: While it is understandable that it might not be easy to find time to go to the gym regularly, a simple 15-minute stretch as you wake up would help start your mornings right! Squeeze in simple exercises you can do at the office in between tasks or meetings. Brisk walks, light jogs, or even choosing the stairs over elevators are enough!
  • Keep a journal: Studies have found that journaling helps manage mental fatigue by allowing time for the writer to track and reflect on daily events. This also helps in identifying stress points, prioritizing problems, and compartmentalizing feelings. Do not pressure yourself to write a page daily; a few sentences or even a few words whenever you find the time is more than enough.
  • Proper medication and treatment: It’s important to consult a medical professional for proper mental fatigue treatment. This is because they are more equipped to assess the appropriate methods of treatment based on the person’s physical state and medical history. Do not be afraid to tell your doctor about your symptoms, as they would prescribe treatments based on what you tell them. They may also prescribe medication, or nutritional supplements, to help treat physical and mental fatigue.

Treating mental fatigue is not instant. It is a process that you must integrate into your lifestyle, to make sure that you can fully cope with the treatment while not putting your life on hold.

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If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.




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