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We strengthen customer relations with care.

We demonstrate a deep desire to sincerely respond to internal and external customers’ needs through effective and productive collaboration.



We apply integrative thinking to create value-adding solutions.

We incorporate knowledge of the organization and of the healthcare industry, and our technical expertise in developing integrated solutions.



We drive leadership growth and development.

We develop our character and capability as individuals and as teams, to grow as future-ready leaders of Unilab.



We ensure uncompromised and excellent execution.

We apply persistence and commitment in delivering results following standards of excellence, amidst unforeseen hurdles and opportunities.



We add value through transformation.

We proactively welcome change and promote the generation of innovative ideas and solutions in products, services, and process, as a way to progress and accelerate the business.

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Hear what our talent community has to say.

In Unilab, we believe that a culture of CARE should begin from within.

Innovation drawn from market trends is what Unilab holistically does best. It stirs the catalyst in us, fascinatingly compelling to always exercise husay at malasakit in all aspect. I am grateful that I have found this not a company but a home that fully acknowledges my potential and provides the most conducive atmosphere for career growth. It is a fulfilling discovery that work does not have to be a drag because a company that will truly value your worth still exists. Here in Unilab, work-life balance is not a clickbait but a reality you will not be deprived of.
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Daniel Santos
UNILAB’s culture has been instrumental in giving me the opportunity to grow as a young professional. I’m grateful to have been entrusted with responsibilities which allow me to learn best practices in HR from seasoned practitioners and mentors. The support of my teammates and manager have encouraged me to perform excellently while maintaining a positive and healthy outlook at work. Collaboration with other divisions also provide an avenue for development. These aspects make work exciting and meaningful because I get to see the impact my work has in the business and in society as we deliver our brand of “Husay at Malasakit” to all our customers.
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Angela Magalong
Despite no background on the pharmaceutical industry, I am lucky to be surrounded with colleagues who selflessly made sure that I was equipped with the proper knowledge and skills, as well as mentors who assured that I would be able to fully understand my role in the division. Not only does the company have great benefits and different activities for its employees, but I am in awe with the attention put into career paths and providing training opportunities. Usually individuals my age would be out searching for mentors and role models they can learn from, here in Unilab I found exactly those with the entire department I work in!
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Celina Bonifacio
Why work with us

Legacy of Excellence

We are a company that always aims to do better – together. 

It is the spirit of Bayanihan that  continues to unite our best efforts and drive us to continue the legacy of excellence that has made UNILAB a recognized leader in the healthcare industry for over 70 years now. 

Our Bayanihan way of life will inspire YOU, as it does all of us, to constantly strive to become better, as individuals and as teams.

Commitment to Care

We belong to a family that aspires to consistently provide trusted quality healthcare through husay at malasakit.

We believe in the nobility of our purpose of building stronger families and healthier communities. 

When YOU join UNILAB, you actively participate in our worthy cause and share in our commitment to care by bettering people’s lives and the life of your own family.  

Culture of Learning

We are a talent community, and our people, with their combined set of skills and knowledge, is our greatest wealth.  

Our employees are the designers and drivers of innovation initiatives that sustain our business growth, and it is for them that we create and nurture a culture of learning.

As a learning organization, we are eager to support YOUR career development so that you are motivated to learn, grow and give your best.