Picking the Best Workout for You


Picking the Best Workout for You

Choosing the right workout plan is crucial in ensuring that your fitness journey will deliver results.

P90x, circuit training, 5K, yoga exercises—it is undeniable that workout options today and how unique, creative and gimmicky they’ve become can become overwhelming. Before anything, congratulations on your decision to be fit and healthy! As you probably have realized now, choosing the right workout and plan is crucial in ensuring that your fitness journey will be fruitful and will deliver results. Allow us to give you some considerations and pieces of advice.

Before you can pick out what workout or training is for you, you need to review and remember fitness goals and establish your own goals.

Remember these Fitness Goals

Whether people are aware of it or not, there are always these goals in whatever workout plan.


For some people, being fit is about being strong, and being able to do what you need to do without your body slowing down or feeling sluggish.


That state when you just couldn’t stop smiling, when you’re enjoying what you’re doing—who does not know what happiness is? We all know that some people workout to shake off the negativity of their day.

Look and Feel Good

Probably the main drive behind most newbies, this goal is about toning those muscles, adding shape to form, and getting yourself that brand of confidence that you can only supply to yourself.

While we all want the same things and there are many ways or workouts that achieve all three, we have varying definitions of each of these goals. Being toned for a runner is different from that of a weight-lifter, and being happy for a parkour practitioner is different from that of a yogi. It just goes to show that we are all different and prefer different activities. So the question now is “What workout will satisfy your personal taste of health, happiness and looking and feeling good?”

Determine Personal Goals

Your body can only do so much, and pursuing all 3 fitness goals will lead you to different directions. This will only hinder progress for you. The key is to identify which of the 3 fitness goals is the top. Focus on that for a month or two—building your workout around that—and gradually intensify or add variety to your workout to incorporate the other 2 goals.

So... What’s the Best Workout for You?

The best workout is any workout that you will religiously go through with.

Any workout will deliver results as long as you follow through with it; and making sure that it’s aligned with your goals will keep you glued to it. Pick a workout—one that will fulfil your personal goal—and get started.

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