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Biogesic & John Lloyd Cruz: Taking Care of Each Other for Six Years

Vic Sotto

A simple but meaningful parting shot of “Ingat!” uttered in what is now very popular and memorable television commercial, set off a solid and successful partnership between Biogesic and actor John Lloyd Cruz.

John Lloyd is thankful for the trust that Unilab, the company behind the number one brand of headache and fever reliever, has given him all these years. This trust has been reinforced when the company renewed his contract as Biogesic’s endorser.

“Biogesic started my career as an endorser and I am very grateful for that. The Unilab/Biogesic team really believed in me,” says John Lloyd.

Indeed, the trust and support between the brand and the endorser have gone a long way. Biogesic has been part and parcel of John Lloyd’s career, from when he was still a budding matinee idol until he reached his stature now as multi-awarded and bankable actor.

“Biogesic and John Lloyd share the same belief of making more Filipinos effective and safe in what they do. And it is because of this that made Biogesic the most trusted brand for headache and fever, by doctors and consumers alike,” says Sebastian Frederick F. Baquiran, senior vice president of Unilab, Inc. “The strong relationship of Biogesic and John Lloyd Cruz has gone a long way.  It is now on its 6th year and we look forward to more years of stronger partnership.”

The brand supports the actor-endorser in all his endeavors including the highs and lows in between. This include his recent triumph—the record-breaking box-office results of his latest movie ‘Unofficially Yours’. Biogesic hosted a thanksgiving lunch for John Lloyd recently with the Unilab family, members of the press as well as select social media bloggers.

While he is now a most-sought after endorser, John Lloyd says he is still discriminating in choosing the brand he would associate himself and attach his name to. “I have to really believe in the brand, enough to actually use and

patronize the product myself. Everyone knows that I do take Biogesic for my common aches and pains.”

Since he started endorsing the product six years ago, John Lloyd remains a firm believer of Biogesic’s efficacy and safety. He is indeed among the millions of Filipinos whom Biogesic has kept headache and fever-free over the years.

Being in tip-top condition, according to John Lloyd, is topmost in his priorities. It is in fact on top of the list of things that he has to be ‘ingat’ (careful) about. “It’s hard to get sick because it affects my work as an actor. I cannot afford to skip work because a lot of people depend on me. I have employees and their families to think about,” he says.

John Lloyd follows a healthy regimen in eating and keeping active. He is a biking enthusiast, which keeps his body fit. For those ‘off’ days that are really unavoidable when he gets minor headaches, fever and some muscle pains, he is thankful that Biogesic does the trick and sets him ready for work again.

“We should really not underestimate the value of taking care of ourselves. I am in an industry where work is really demanding, most of the time 24 hours a day and it can get really stressful. So I have to manage fatigue and stress effectively, just like how Biogesic deals with headache and fever with efficacy,” adds John Lloyd.

Besides efficacy, Biogesic’s safety attribute is also something that consumers really appreciate. It’s so safe that it’s okay to take even on an empty stomach, like when John Lloyd is out on a location shoot somewhere. That’s why Biogesic is ‘doble sigurado, siguradong effective at siguradong safe’.

Six years and counting, Biogesic and John Lloyd are still at it and the public is in for more from this unbeatable tandem

So, according to John Lloyd, he is excited to start on a brand new Biogesic commercial and campaign. After all, ‘Ingat’ is not merely a slogan he mouths as part of the ad campaign. It’s a philosophy in life that he lives by and he encourages everyone to adhere to that as well.

Thus, is it no surprise that Biogesic and John Lloyd have maintained a headache-free, albeit a partnership that is full of genuine care and concern all these years. So, ingat! 

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